When would it get better???

I write this with a huge smile on my face. First of all, today was a great day for me ( a thriller in fact). I  had the opportunity to hang out with a friend and it amazes me at just how much I learnt from a day of playing and joking around. I guess what they say about pleasure being business is true after all. We actually work when we play but don’t get it twisted.

In summary, today started with a visit to the lake and we saw a bridge that’s known as ‘The Bridge of Love’ in English. What I found amusing and strange at the same time was the fact that certain couples after being wedded, write their names on padlocks, lock them and throw it over the bridge into the water or leave them on the bridge!  Weird huh?  That’s a story for another day.

We left the lake and proceeded to a mall where we went bowling and target shooting. I had so much fun to put it mildly and in fact, I didn’t want to leave! The morale of the story? Chill a bit, I am almost there!

There were times while bowling off course, when I made the perfect hit and there were also times when I couldn’t even knock one of those funny- looking, little things down. I shouted in joy some of the time and at others, well I made a sad face because even though I had calculated my move or should I say attack (or I think I did!)  it didn’t come out as planned. The same thing happened where we shot at targets.

You see, what I’m trying to say is, at different moments in our lives, we are faced with different sorts of challenges. Look at them as those things we try to knock down at the bowling alley. The approach we use in confronting them, lets liken to the rolling ball. Sometimes, we hit and sometimes we don’t. That doesn’t mean we didn’t plan to become champs  and when we miss, it doesn’t mean that we won’t do better next time. So it’s just ridiculous to give up! Do you understand what I am trying to say?

Taking this thing away from me, we observed a bunch of skaters on the rink while still at the mall. There were so many of them, the professionals, the average and the beginners. While I watched however, I came to the conclusion that even the most skilled skater on the rink today started out like the cute little boy who kept on falling.  That if that boy kept at it and would not quit, he could even in a couple of years ‘WOW’ us a lot more than the show-off I couldn’t help staring at (and now I blush).

It makes a lot of sense you know, we aren’t perfect. No one is but we should strive to be. Practice makes perfect and it is applicable in virtually all aspects of life.

I am really happy I went out today and I owe it all to my friend who did me the honor….I’d leave you with a little something he said. He said to keep at it….cause it can only get better!!!  Capise? 🙂


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