Mad Money

This isn’t exactly headline news at the moment but then I haven’t been able to say anything much or anything at all about it. The news made waves a few months back in Lagos, Nigeria about how some desperate “millionaire wannabe’s” actually stooped so low for some stacks of cold hard cash, unarguably what wields a great deal of power in our world today.

Rumor had it that some young able-bodied guys found their way to a “babalawo” (native-doctor) in the Ojodu-Berger area,  a suburb in the Lagos metropolis for an effective money making charm that would make them stupendously rich. The flip side to the coin however, was that they had to run stark raving mad for 3 days before the charm could be effective! I know exactly what you are thinking, trust me!

So what did these young guys do? They selected the hunks among their friends who could tie them down to prevent them from roaming around. For three days, they were locked up in some place bound hand and foot in chains…all because of money.

Now, I have to ask. Supposing after all that, the ‘baba’  couldn’t somehow restore them back to their sanity, would it have been worth it? Then, there’s the question my mom asked. If they had to run mad to get the money, what would they have to do in order to sustain it?

I don’t know the sort of supposed ‘dilemma’ some people claim to be in that would make them afflict themselves in such a manner. What I do know however is that whatever has to be secured under such extreme conditions can only have dire consequences. In other words, it simply isn’t worth it. Talk about the love of money being the root of all evil in action right there, in case you were wondering! Yes, I know the Bible also says that, ‘money answers all things’ but the same Bible acknowledges God as our source, the owner of the Earth and everything within it!  So you might want to read your Bible a little bit more? Gotcha didn’t I? *wink

…and that is all I am going to say about that, well at least for now.


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