madly in love!!!

…and I’m not ashamed to say it. I don’t care if my friends approve of  ‘Him’ or not and honestly, I really can’t be bothered if they didn’t.  After all it’s their loss, right? Anyways, it seems as if I had been searching my whole life and it suddenly ends (the search, that is). He is like the ‘bestest’ guy ever and I can’t stop gushing.

I could go on and on about how  “fantabulous”  and how special He is and all that. I don’t ever feel like He is gonna leave me out in the cold when I really need Him unless off course, I ditch Him myself. He is always on hand to listen to my whining and He never seems irritated.

I am so in love with Jesus…madly in love in fact and there’s no changing that fact!!!!!  *blushing*


One comment on “madly in love!!!

  1. aue4real says:

    am blushing oooo….lol

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