The X-Factor

Once upon a time, you were a happy girlfriend in a somewhat smooth-running relationship and you were having a blast. All of a sudden, your picture-perfect union fell like a pack of cards. It was really devastating and you cried for weeks until your eyes were all swollen. We all have been there, right? (ok, I speak for myself!)

Question: How would I as a believer relate to my ex? (who is soooo in the past by the way, before I got serious with Jesus).


Yeah! Get him off your bbm contacts, ‘defriend’ him on facebook, ‘unfollow’ him on twitter (block him sef), scroll down your phone contacts and when you get to his number, hit delete! Loose all links to him and totally rid yourself of his excess baggage. Keep his t.shirt and personal effects in storage where you wouldn’t see them in a thousand years, throw them out or just give them back. Out of sight, out of mind! Besides, old things have passed away and all things have become new. 😉

Answer 2: GROW UP

In as much that what I said in my first answer may seem sort of ‘babyish’, it is absolutely necessary but then you don’t want to act that way when you both are forced to meet either by chance or out of necessity. That would be pathetic…This is your chance to show him that you have moved on, are doing just great and are leading a much better life without him (thanks to the new man in your life whom he can never ever be better than). The surest way to achieving that however is by actually growing up!  No pretense, no drama, what you see is what you get! Read your Bible, pray…it helps a whole lot.

Answer 3: PRAY FOR HIM

Uh huh, you would pray for him gurl! No, I am not crazy. I know exactly what I am saying and why not, if the Bible says we should pray for our enemies and those who persecute us why not him? Praying for him would help you let go of all the stuff you kept welled up inside you because of all the hurt. It relieves you the burden of bitterness and malice which you may have had (which are sins by the way). Besides, you want to be stately and graceful enough to say you wish him well and mean it! What better way to do this than through prayer? Enough with the prayer for him to get knocked down by a truck already!!! lol

Answer 4: DO YOU

God has a plan for you…he really does. So, concentrate on finding out where He wants you to be, where you are presently and what you ought to do in getting to you final destination!


Seriously, you do all!!! 🙂

I hope you found this helpful. Rock on….cause Jesus rocks!!!


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