Just before you vent….

I dread those days..those days when things are not going to plan. You have it all penned down from start to finish and you wait in eager anticipation for the most desirable results. That is when some silly person from only God knows where starts a chain reaction and you watch your plans crumble to the floor, the way dominoes fall…one after another.

It is annoying to say the least and your emotions begin to rise within you. You try to calmly reason with the person and he or she refuses to acknowledge that they are at fault and even turn around to blame you for your misery. That is when your otherwise calm disposition  transitions into the ever strong currents of the Atlantic Ocean bursting at the seams. If care is not taken however, you would be surprised at how badly the crises could degenerate to and how much havoc it could cause.

Earlier, while surfing the web I stumbled on this guy, Cletus Nweke who’s room was burgled and while wondering how it happened approached his neighbor, Paul Michael to ask if he saw anyone go in there. According to our guy, his neighbor was very insensitive to his case and blamed his carelessness for his misfortune. Of course an argument ensued and some onlookers were able to separate them. The next morning however, say at about 3am, Paul was out front brushing his teeth and Cletus barged in on him demanding why he had responded the way he did the previous day. A fight began but this time Cletus  stabbed Paul with a broken bottle in self defense according to his statement. Unfortunately, Paul died on his way to the hospital. As expected, Cletus is cooling off his heels at a police station in Lagos.

Ephesians 4:26 “In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.”  That’s all I could think of when I had finished reading that story. The Bible really does have everything covered. What’s the morale of this whole thing? The next time you are in a fierce argument, cast your mind back on this. Lest I forget, here is Psalm 4:4 and Proverbs 29:11 for more personal study.

Enjoy!!! 😀


3 comments on “Just before you vent….

  1. aue4real says:

    nice story piece.. i dey feel am….

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