Would You Settle Scores on T.V???

There is nothing on the surface of the Earth right now that the television is not airing. Amazing, isn’t it? The media has gone gaga! We have an entertainment industry that can lure even a newly born to the devil! Very disheartening indeed. What with the sex, booze and drugs, the television encourages a thriving lifestyle of debauchery.

So it amazes me how people want to put up their issues on the same silly box. This is the era in which reality t.v shows reign supreme and most girls, if not all, have been caught up in the cross fire (even I indulge myself a bit). Everybody wants to be a star nowadays and it’s almost as if that cannot be achieved without one being featured on the tube! Girls do crazy things to get on t.v these days, they pose nude, shake their bums to a disaster of a song and what really pisses me off? They take personal problems there to get trashed out!

Imagine an 18 year old accusing her mom of theft and there was no one else to tell but some silly t.v host in front of an adoring audience. Or the 2  best friends who beat themselves silly cause of some rift they had over a guy…on t.v as well!  It beats me, I don’t know why anyone would want to humiliate themselves or the people they love in front of thousands (and maybe even millions!) of people. I understand that some of these programs are staged (refer to the case against the Kardasians) but then again, what if they are not?

“Jerry Springer, The People’s Court, Street Court” and the like must really have a spell on us cause I see how some of my girlfriends scramble to the telly the moment they are showing. Sometimes I wonder if they’ve had us hypnotized, which wouldn’t surprise me at all knowing how bizarre people can be these days.

The bug is getting on every where and people are being infected in their dozens. Everybody is making a debut on television….some, unfortunately to wash their dirty linens out in the public.  Surprisingly even Christians to are on que, quite sad and pathetic. The question is…would you? Would you settle scores on t.v?


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