Farida Waziri: What Next?

I believe that by now news has made the rounds of  Farida Waziri, sacked EFCC’s boss removal. What is new however is that she claims she heard of her dismissal  over the television just like millions of other Nigerians meaning she hasn’t received any formal indication pertaining to it. Hear her, ” I have not gotten any fact. I only heard it over the television and I have nothing to say.” That was her reply to a journalist inquiring on her position regarding the whole issue.

I have to say, its a pity, for me at least because I had so much faith in that woman (like I do in countless others) and like so many other Nigerians, I still await a formal address on this from Mr. President.

What has been made public however is that her removal came as a result of her shoddy handling of former Delta State governor, James Ibori’s case (when would this guy finally get out of the news headlines?? jeeeeeze!!!) whose acquittal by a court was not contested by an appeal from the EFCC. Also her lack of tact in steering the EFCC’s affairs and also the loss of goodwill from the international community on her account were some of the reasons given.

It would however interest you to know that the person at the helm of affairs now at the EFCC in acting position, is one Mr.Ibrahim Lamorede, an officer in the Nigerian Police Force (hmmmmmmmm) and until Waziri’s removal was the Director of Operations there. I guess we should be thrilled that he has also served in this same capacity before Waziri’s appointment in 2008 by the late President Yar’Adua (talk about us moving in circles, if you say we aren’t going back).

I can only hope and pray like the true patriotic Naija girl that I am (apologies to aunt Dora ) that this change would turn out to be a good thing for Nigeria. Someone should please remind Mr. President of the promise he made to allow Nigerian women to be actively involved in the revolution of change sweeping across the nation. (pardon me if I sound a little feminist but it is about time they did something about that 33% thingy they were making noise about!)

…..and to aunt Farida, I can only wish the best in whatever she decides to do after now.


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