Adam and Steve?

…or is it Ada and Eve now?

I have always preferred the same old story…you know the same one you know where boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy tells girl, girl likes boy too, they both get married, kiss and have a truck load of kids and live happily ever after. Pretty sure God approves of that too…cause he did put Eve in the garden with Adam and told them to be fruitful and multiply and just look at the world today! lol

So it really does break my heart to see what’s going on right now, right underneath our noses. This, if you didn’t already know must definitely be the end of the world, what with the declaration of gay status by hundreds of people all over the world especially in the Western climes.

Interestingly, same-sex marriage is now officially illegal in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Although I find the concept of gay marriage utterly disgusting (yes, UTTERLY DISGUSTING), one thing that we must all realize is that events are not just happening. There is a relentless march by the world’s most powerful towards a New World Order (“Novus Ordo Seclorum”), one in whicheverything anti-religion (including homosexuality) would not only be accepted but widely acclaimed. It’s a crazy twist but it’s happening -all in preparation for the One-Eyed (which is by the way a topic for another day).

In a world where there is so much HYPOCRISY, there couldn’t have been a better time. Well done, Nigerian senators, now can we discuss a better anti-corruption bill, please?

God help us.



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