2 Much Play???

Today I missed class, not cause I’m not a serious student (which I am aspiring for) or any of that stuff…I just didn’t go cause I felt unprepared. I wonder if that sounds silly by itself but first hear me out before you pass any judgement. The thing is that there was this test (so you see the basis for my reservations) and I haven’t even covered a quarter of the syllabus and there was no way on Earth I was going to stroll into class with an empty coconut for a head. For other courses, maybe but chemistry? Never!

I stayed in the hostel to at least to read up some of the stuff I missed out on and I honestly don’t know how far I went with that either! What with the tons and tons of distractions, I couldn’t even have my head screwed on properly. You know how it is, I take it we all have been there some time…and now with the facebooking and the tweeting, let us not forget the skyping paroles, it’s sort of hard to just leave your computer on your study page.

I have to say it got me thinking. You know, how as a christian I am distracted on all sides. When I know for a fact that most of the things I might personally enjoy might cost me Heaven. So I feel horrible, blame myself, repent and then do it all over again!! It is so crazy, I have to be the biggest moron n Earth! I surprise myself, I’m actually coming to terms with that and it dawns on me more when I realise I have yet another chemistry class tomorrow!

So as I think about it now, I’m wondering how I am going to ace that test tomorrow and also how I am going to impress God on the day of judgement. For some reason, I am quite confident I am not alone on this one. There are countless girls I know who have found themselves in this same dilemma. I need help and I need it asap but don’t we all??

May God help me.


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