I Am Here!

I couldn’t exactly help the outburst in my title. This post comes as a result of the numerous things that have happened in one short weekend! Amazing how a few hours could become an epoch in my life…and the blog(s) as well. True, I said I was taking a break from the blogosphere a while until summer but then permit me to say, ‘I changed my mind.’
As for the ‘things’ I referred to, we don’t always have to say what we saw or what we heard, do we? Suffice it to say, it will come out in the end as truth always prevails. I did miss the blogging community though and I have been fighting the itch to write all along. It’s a wonder I ignored it so long. Sometimes we just need someone to pull that trigger for us whether or not we are self motivators.
I have been away for like forever and came back to discover that what I initially thought I was doing on the low-key, being invisible in my little’ koro’ has actually made me SEEN. Apparently, there is no such thing as ‘being invisible.’I kinda hate the fact but then okay, what the hell? If doing good and minding my business is a crime, I pledge as accused. GUILTY!
Without sounding immodest, (or maybe so) I love to think of myself as an all rounder in more ways than one, and before you drop that Jack of all trade’s line on me, I’d tell you that there are areas where I am a force to reckon with. You can’t blame me for being versatile, I am a strong, young black woman and to multi-purpose is in-built (apparently not in everyone though).
 I might not do things the conventional way hence my unpredictability. So, I’m thinking this blog should make you see everyday things in another light from another perspective and another angle.
Seriously it is not to my intention to bore you with the FAQ’s questions about my life but then after deep retrospective and discovering myself and all that, I am back on and back for good.
I am here and you can be sure as hell that I ain’t going nowhere!
Peace out!


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