A Woman’s Worth.

Wutchu talking ’bout shawty, wutchu know ’bout a woman’s worth?

Some of you will remember this line from off Alicia Key’s, ‘ A woman’s worth video’  where that little guy was acting all grown. (Boys will always be boys).

Amazing how some songs will never fade, I guess they don’t when they speak the truth.

Thing is, I wonder if people ever catch the lyrics off songs after they are done ‘feeling the beat’ and swaying their hips and bums to it? Beats me some times.

I have to admit that it was this song that got me thinking and gave the inspiration for this read. Nothing lengthy or particularly exciting but something I personally think I have to say.

Seriously though, what do you know about a woman’s worth?

Whanat do you know about trying to be there for people and they forgetting that you are also human with breaking points of your own?

About people taking your kindness for granted, your quiet periods of sober reflection for stupidity and your playful antics for childishness?

What do you know about genuinely caring and having your affection dumped in the trash?

About being the silent listener?

About not being asked for your opinion?

What do you know about making head way in what is more or less known as a man’s world?  Having to deal with male chauvinistic pigs as you try to climb up the corporate ladder or any other type of ladder for that matter?

About being viewed as a sex toy?

What do you know about being the rallying point, the bonding glue and the pillar of support for the people you truly care about?

What do you know about only being seen and never heard? About being linked to the kitchen and bedroom and almost never the board room? (Thank God, that era is being phased out, whew!)

About always having to look picture pretty and it always being linked to some one or thing?

About having to live under a set of rules on how to act, talk, walk and look in order to be socially ‘accepted.’

About how just about anything could leave you branded and even scarred for life?

What do you know about being a friend, a best friend, a sister, wife, mother to more people than you will ever know? Talk about multi-tasking at it’s peak!

A woman’s worth is far more than diamonds  and pearls even though she deserves them. It is not however, her true value.

Yes, it is a nice thing to appreciate women with nice stuff and great gifts but then again, it should always be to appreciate, complement and encourage her but NEVER to buy her.

I might not know everything in the books about this subject either but I have seen enough to know that girls deserve a lot more respect than they get.

It sucks to see some random guy born of  a woman raise his hand to hit a woman. What’s more? The girl won’t leave him.  Or even worse? When a guy publicly  disrespects and humiliates a lady. Not cool….so not cool. These things speak volumes.

You never know what you have got until you loose it. Why wait until it is gone?


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